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NESIC deploys 128T SD-WAN data centre interconnect platform

Tue 27 Jun 2017


128 Technology has announced the deployment of the 128T network platform by NESIC, the NEC Networks and System Integration Corporation.

NESIC has deployed the 128T platform to interconnect data centers in Tokyo, Kanagawa, Osaka and Myanmar. The NESIC four-site interconnect will allow 128 Technologies an operational demonstration of its Secure Vector Routing (SVR) technology.

Secure Vector Routing (SVR) is the term used to describe the 128 Technology approach to building context-aware networks covering a broad spectrum of routing applications including wide-area networks, to branch offices and between private and public clouds.

SVR allows a customer to build a network using session orientation, which provides secure routing without the use of tunnels or overlays. The resulting network is session-based, service-centric and software-defined.

While SD-WAN is the initial application for the 128T platform at NESIC, Andy Ory, co-founder and CEO of 128 Technology noted that the technology can be used in various environments.

“SD-WAN is the term they use,” Ory said. “We’re very careful to point out that SD-WAN multipath routing is a use case and for all the SD-WAN players out there it’s also an architecture, but we think session stateful routing ought to be able to do a lot of things, including dealing with the routing issues.”

The 128T platform is software-based and can be used by customers to improve existing networks or to replace them entirely, so that customers like NESIC can build networks that are agile and secure, while remaining low-cost and easy to deploy.

NESIC believes in the product strongly enough that not only is the 128T platform deployed internally at the company, it intends to offer the 128T platform to over 5,000 current NESIC customers in the enterprise, telecommunications and government sectors.

Michitaka Oono, GM of the Global Carrier Division at NESIC said that the company evaluated many different SD-WAN offerings, and found the 128T solution to be simple and secure.

“We believe 128T is the future of networking technology. And, because of our success with this new approach, we’ve decided to add the 128T platform to our portfolio of IT services and solutions, so we can help customers facing similar challenges.”


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