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Telefónica launches data centre in Lima, Peru

Mon 26 Jun 2017


Telefónica, the global broadband and telecom provider, has opened Phase I of a new cloud data center in central Lima, Peru. Rather than build a new facility, the company chose to repurpose a central office in an effort to reduce capital expenditures and reuse assets, while reducing construction timelines.

The new cloud data center, located in the Lince district of Lima, will contain 6,000 square meters of floor space, built in three phases. The final product will have 584 cabinets with 2.6 megawatts of total IT power. 100 cabinets are currently available with the completion of Phase I of the project.

The new facility was built to conform to the Uptime Tier III standard, with 99.98% availability and online maintenance of equipment.

Telefónica selected Huawei to provide infrastructure integration services, helping to design and construct the new data center inside the previous central office building.

Huawei managed construction personnel and subcontractors, delivering HVAC, power, and cabling along with five additional systems. Huawei was also responsible for optimizing the construction process, delivering Phase I of the project in just five months.

The completion of the Lima data center helps to cement Telefónica’s presence as a premier cloud provider in the Peruvian market. The company has noted interest from financial, transportation, and municipal enterprises who are drawn to the project in part due to its Tier III certified high reliability.

Telefónica has been expanding its presence in the Central and South American data center market, having recently opened facilities in Santiago, Chile, Sao Paulo, Brazil, and Mexico City. The Lima data center will provide OpenCloud and Cloud Server services to Peruvian customers.

Recently, Telefónica announced a new cloud solution for customers in Europe and the Americas. Known as VDC, or Virtual Data Center 3.0, the new solution is targeted at assisting medium to large-scale enterprises in moving workloads to the cloud. The VDC 3.0 solution provides customers with virtualization technology from VMware, delivered on Huawei servers in Telefónica data centers. VDC 3.0 is currently available for customers in the U.S., Spain, and the UK, as well as throughout Central and South America.

Telefónica also announced plans to launch Cloud Foundation, a new corporate cloud solution aimed at providing a fully hybrid environment for enterprise customers. Cloud Foundation is expected to be available by the end of 2017.


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