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Google opens new cloud region in Sydney

Wed 21 Jun 2017

Google has launched its new cloud region in Sydney, nine months after announcing plans to host infrastructure in Australia.

The tech giant noted in a blog post that three local high-availability zones are now live, offering compute, storage, networking and big data capabilities.

According to Google, PwC Australia, Monash University, and Woodside Energy are among the first enterprise customers of the new platform.

Hilda Clune, Chief Information Officer at PwC Australia, noted: ‘The regional expansion of Google Cloud Platform to Australia will help enable PwC’s rapidly growing need to experiment and innovate and will further extend our work with Google Cloud.’

Trevor Woods, Chief Information Officer at Monash University also added that the new Google region is a ‘big bonus’ – particularly for its work with GCP’s App Engine and its requirements for a scalable, flexible and functional development and processing system.

Google suggested that GCP customers down under would now see significant reductions in latency if running their applications in Sydney.

Performance testing showed an 80 – 95% reduction in roundtrip time (RTT) latency when serving customers in New Zealand, and the Australian cities of Sydney, Auckland, Wellington, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth and Adelaide – compared to using regions in Singapore or Taiwan.

The web company said that with the proposed region in Mumbai and new network infrastructure, including the SJC cable and the Indigo fibre optic system, would also bring further improvements to latency.

The new launch is the first GCP region in Australia and fourth in Asia Pacific, joining Taiwan, Tokyo and the newly opened Singapore.

Just last week, Google opened its new GCP region in Singapore to capitalise on the booming market for cloud technologies in APAC. The new launch follows a 100% increase in paid GCP customers in Singapore over the last year.


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