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Lenovo launches its ‘largest ever’ data centre portfolio

Tue 20 Jun 2017


Lenovo has introduced its largest data centre portfolio release to date, announcing two new brands ThinkSystem and ThinkAgile, as well as a variety of products covering servers, storage, networking, and software-defined solutions.

Launched at the tech firm’s Tech World Transform conference in New York, the new portfolio aims to deliver advanced capabilities for businesses looking to manage big data, high-performance computing, artificial intelligence, machine learning and hybrid cloud workloads.

Since acquiring IBM’s x86 server unit for $2.1bn in 2014, Lenovo has sought to extend its reach into enterprise technology. However, its data centre business has not taken off as expected – the unit saw a 10% drop in its sales over the last fiscal year.

The redesigned ThinkSystem brand will include all server, storage and networking systems. It is designed to plug into existing infrastructure and adapt to workloads. ThinkAgile, on the other hand, will focus on new software-defined technologies and integrated and converged systems. It will deliver integrated, pre-built and pre-tested automated solutions.

These new offerings include the ThinkAgile SX series for Microsoft Azure Stack, as well as the ThinkAgile SX rack level solutions that integrate networking with hyperconverged systems.

According to the Beijing-based manufacturer, both systems are flexible and can be scaled up or down in response to a company’s changing requirements.

“Today’s announcements mark a significant day in the next phase of Lenovo’s commitment to advancing the data center customer experience,” said Kirk Skaugen, President of Lenovo Data Center Group.

“Our leadership in x86 server customer satisfaction and x86 server reliability, along with these new ThinkSystem and ThinkAgile brands, and Lenovo’s new portfolio of data center solutions represent the most reliable, most agile, and highest performing data center solutions in the industry,” he added.

The new portfolio of ThinkSystem and ThinkAgile solutions will be made available over the coming months.


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