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First of five high-tech data centres launches in Ontario

Tue 6 Jun 2017

Montreal DC

One of the most advanced data centre projects in Canada has launched its initial DC1 offering, the first phase of a five-site scheme in the country’s high-tech corridor.

The DC1 centre, based in Richmond Hill, Ontario, offers 10MW of critical power and precedes a 30MW DC2 facility in downtown Montreal, which will have white space availability from July.

The Richmond Hill campus, which will offer a total of 500,000 square feet and a total power availability of 80MW, is being developed by Fondis immobilier de solidarité FTQ and Urbacon Data Centre Solutions (UDCS), an owner, developer, operator and manager of wholesale colocation facilities.

UDCS commented that its new data centre developments respond to growing demand in the area for interconnected colocation facilities with next generation design.

The new facilities are all designed to reach at least a 1.1 PUE. According to the colo firm, they will also incorporate the ‘most economical and efficient data centre cooling technologies on the market today.’

“The Canadian market provides unique opportunities to international companies with its lower dollar and security advantages over the U.S. market,” commented Marco Mancini, President of UDCS. “With facilities in both Montreal and Richmond Hill, UDCS and FTQ are creating a Canadian data centre ecosystem right in the heart Canada’s high-tech corridor.”

Earlier this year, Google announced that it was establishing a new cloud region in Canada, with data centres in the Montreal area. “This gives us the opportunity to extend the reach of our network deep into Canada and offer low latency,” Urs Holzle, senior VP of technical infrastructure at Google Cloud, commented at the time.

Attracted by the region’s talent, the tech giant also made a CAD $4.5 million (approx. £2.6 million) investment over a three-year period in the Université de Montreal and the Montreal Institute for Machine Learning in late 2016.


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