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Phoenix agrees to $500M IO data centre expansion

Mon 15 May 2017

IO data centre

The City Council has approved a $500 million expansion of the IO Data Center campus located in Phoenix, Arizona. The city agreed to spend $359,000 to improve the infrastructure of the site, prior to IO commencing construction of the new facility.

IO purchased a 9-acre site last February, adjacent to its current facility, for $8.5 million USD. IO President and founder Anthony Wanger said that the creation of a three-story, modular data center facility would enable the company to deploy over 600 new modules, significantly expanding the infrastructure capacity for local customers.

The existing IO Phoenix facility is a $200 million USD building that houses 10 separate data centers. The new, $500 million data center will be a standalone building constructed of pre-fabricated modules, using BaseLayer indoor Core modules.

BaseLayer was initially a part of IO, until the company spun off its modular data center hardware and infrastructure management software in 2014 in order to concentrate on IO’s core business of colocation and cloud.

The new building will use 100% renewable energy, which Wanger said is important to his company.

“We continue to focus on energy efficiency,” he said. “We build the most highly-efficient, highly-resilient data centers for the most demanding customers around the world, from CBS Interactive to Goldman Sachs. We continue to pursue access and market pricing for renewable energy. We use a lot of electricity and it’s important to us. We are continuing on behalf of our customers to pursue renewable energy.”

Initially, the company expected to break ground in 2016 and open the new data center in 2017, as part of a six-year plan to expand IO in the Phoenix metro area. The company already has two data centers in operation in Arizona, one in Phoenix and another in the Phoenix suburb of Scottsdale.

Rick Crutchley, chief operating officer for IO said, “IO looks forward to working with the city of Phoenix and other relevant partners as we make considerable investments in our economy and in our community.”

Earlier this year, data center giant Equinix announced that it had acquired IO’s data center in Slough, outside of London, and would rename the facility LD10. IO still operates data center facilities in Phoenix, as well as Singapore, Edison, New Jersey and Dayton, Ohio.


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