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Aligned Energy launches 62MW data centre

Mon 8 May 2017

Aligned Energy

Aligned Energy, the data center infrastructure technology company, has opened a new data center in Phoenix. The 51-acre campus is the company’s second ultra-efficient facility in the area.

The new data center will offer 62MW of power in the first phase, but that will almost double to 120MW upon completion. Designed to increase efficiency and reduce environmental impact, Aligned data centers use up to 85% less water than a standard data center, 80% less energy for cooling, while still providing guaranteed 1.15 power usage effectiveness (PUE).

The Phoenix data center has incorporated Aligned Energy’s patented cooling system, used in the company’s Plano colocation facility, which removes heat at the source. Rather than pushing cold air into the facility to keep temperatures low, the Inertech cooling system absorbs heat, so that the hot air rises and the cool air settles where it is needed, at the server level. This reduces the use of power fans to 1/10 that of a typical unit.

The Inertech cooling system allows the company to adjust the rack density on demand, with servers running anywhere from 1kW per rack up to 50kW per rack with equal efficiency, creating a perfectly scalable solution to meet varied client needs.

Aligned Energy refers to its approach to data center construction as ‘adaptive’, and unique to the industry. By using intelligent infrastructure and fostering a culture of innovation, the company has created an ultra-efficient data center that can be scaled to large or small enterprises as needed.

Jakob Carnemark, founder and CEO of Aligned Energy, believes that the projected growth in the digital economy cannot be sustained unless companies begin to make improvements in data center efficiency.

“Our mission is to make critical infrastructure smart enough to continuously improve its economic performance and environmental impact, delivering a tremendous business advantage for our customers,” he said.

Before it even opened, the Phoenix data center was given the 2016 Data Center Energy Efficiency Project of the Year award from the Global Data Center Alliance, as well as the Global Sustainability Leadership award from the Business Intelligence Group.


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