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365 Data Centres acquired by investment group

Fri 28 Apr 2017

An investor and management group, led by private investment firms in Connecticut and Dublin, has acquired 365 Data Centers.  The acquisition will provide the new firm, 365 Data Centers Holdings, LLC with data center holdings in eight strategic markets.

365 Data Centers currently has facilities in eight markets including tier-one New York and Chicago, and tier-two Philadelphia, Tampa, Buffalo, Detroit, Indianapolis and Nashville.

The facilities in Nashville and Tampa host their respective regions’ internet exchanges, while the Buffalo, NY facility provides a dominant carrier gateway to Canada.

With the acquisition, 365 Data Centers Holdings will take over 8 facilities comprising 126,000 square feet of floor space with 9 MW of power and 122 network POPs.

365 Data Centers, up to the acquisition, focused on providing edge colocation solutions in second tier markets as part of a comprehensive strategy. Edge colocation services allow companies in those markets to store and analyze data locally, improving the speed and efficiencies of client services. Additionally, second tier markets have the potential for above average growth opportunities for data center colocation, as streaming companies and other data-heavy enterprises make aggressive inroads in those markets.

The company plans to retain the branding, systems and most of the employees that are currently in place, although the corporate office will be moved from California to Connecticut.

However, while the focus on second tier edge will remain, it appears that the new owners have plans to expand the business significantly. Bob DeSantis, the newly-appointed CEO of 365 Data Centers Holdings, said that the acquisition was strategically centered in edge markets with a strong potential for growth, which could be realized by additional investments in data centers and managed services.

He said, “We intend to grow the company for our customers, employees and investors by significantly increasing our sales team, investing in new product offerings, and broadening our target market to leverage our exceptional carrier, content, and cloud centric ecosystem and the available space and power at each of the facilities.”

DeSantis also noted that the transition would be seamless to current customers of 365 Data Centers, as the senior executives in Operations and Sales & Marketing would remain in place.


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