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Huawei and Global Switch announce data centre partnership

Thu 6 Apr 2017

Huawei data centre

Huawei and Global Switch have announced a partnership to develop new data center solutions that support smart data center operations and management.

The partnership is intended to establish a mutually beneficial cooperative agreement between the two companies. Each company can leverage the strengths of the other to create innovative solutions for data center design, operation and maintenance. The collaboration will target efficiencies in the operations and management functions of a data center, as well as innovative ways in which technical space is allocated and used in these facilities.

Huawei, the Shenzhen China-based tech giant, announced the partnership with Global Switch at the CeBIT 2017 conference in Hannover, Germany. The company’s mission for the partnership is to provide simple, efficient modular data center solutions and plans to help Global Switch to innovate, creating new modular data center solutions that support smart operations and management.

Diana Yuan, President of Marketing and Solution Sales at Huawei noted that new technologies including cloud computing are creating challenges for the business model and operations of traditional data center facilities.

In that way, partnering with Global Switch represents an opportunity for both parties to explore innovation. “Huawei’s advanced technologies of network connection, energy efficiency optimization, and smart management should prove beneficial in supporting Global Switch in the future,” she said.

Global Switch is a UK-based owner, operator and developer of data centers in Europe and Asia Pacific. Currently, the company has ten data centers in operation in top-tier locations, each operating at a Tier-III certification level. A new data center in Hong Kong will open later this year, with Singapore to follow in 2018.

John Corcoran, Chief Executive Officer of Global Switch noted that his company serves a diverse base of global customers, and that operations and management costs and efficiencies are an important concern for data center customers worldwide. “We look forward to collaborating with Huawei to improve data center O&M experience and efficiency,” he added.

Global Switch strengthened its connection to the Asia Pacific market last year, when a consortium of leading Chinese companies made a strategic investment in the company. The partners paid Global Switch £2.4 billion in exchange for a 49% stake in the company. The consortium was made up of corporate and institutional investors including Jiangsu Steel, the largest privately-held steel company in China.

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