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New RSD solution brings open management to the cloud data centre

Mon 27 Mar 2017

Cloud data center

Supermicro has announced the release of a new Rack Scale Design (RSD) technology which allows cloud companies, telecoms and enterprise giants to build and manage their own software-defined data centre.

Answering demands for greater agility and efficiency, the RSD solution comprises of server, storage and networking hardware and an optimised rack-level management software.

According to Supermicro, the new technology solves the hardware management and resource utilisation challenges in the data centre, as data centre operators often have to manage tens of thousands of servers distributed over hundreds of racks simply using conventional 1-to-1 server management tools.

‘Supermicro RSD leverages open Redfish APIs to support composable infrastructure and enable interoperability among potential RSD offerings from different vendors,’ the company noted.

‘With industry standard Redfish APIs, Supermicro RSD can be further integrated into data center automation software such as Ansible, Puppet or private cloud software such as OpenStack or VMware,’ it added.

Screen Shot 2017-03-27 at 13.55.29The software is based on the Intel RSD framework, which claims to provide the scale and efficiency for cloud operators to perform tasks such as pooling and composability, as well as the necessary telemetry and maintenance functions of the pod (a collection of physical racks), to be able to manage allocated resources in a large data centre environment.

The company continues that users are able to provision, manage and power-on a composed node as if it were a physical node. When the operation is complete, the user can simply delete the composed node to return the resource to the pools for other workloads.

‘Supermicro RSD makes it easy for companies of any size to build cloud infrastructure that until now are limited to leading large public and private cloud providers,’ said Charles Liang, President and CEO of Supermicro.

Charlie Wuischpard, General Manager of Intel’s Scalable Data Center Solutions Group, added: ‘The launch of Supermicro’s platform, incorporating Intel Rack Scale Design, brings open, industry standards-based, hyperscale-inspired capabilities such as resource discovery, composability and telemetry to cloud, communications and enterprise data centers.’


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