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Amazon to build new data centre campus in Oregon

Mon 20 Mar 2017

Amaazon Hermiston

Amazon is planning to build a new data centre complex in Hermiston, Oregon, which will host four data centre facilities over 120 acres of land.

The e-commerce giant recently bought the plot which sits in the same area as its two existing data centre sites in eastern Oregon, at Port Umatilla and Port of Morrow. Through a holding company called Vadata, Amazon began its data centre footprint expansion along the Columbia River in 2011 to provide backup and disaster recovery in case of service failure at one of its site.

For its latest venture, Jim Footh, real estate manager at Vadata, wrote to the Umatilla County Planning Department explaining that the firm cannot create ‘redundancy and risk aversion by developing a single, super-size data centre campus.’ He noted that to achieve this, the company was looking to locate its data centre campuses a few miles apart from each other.

Footh also suggested that Vadata had signed a letter of intent to use the city of Hermiston’s regional water system, to provide the required 400 gallons per minute of water needed to keep the campus’ servers cool.

Byron Smith, Hermiston city manager, responded by confirming that any plans to improve the city’s water system for the purpose of the new data centres would have to be paid for by Vadata.

The project at Hermiston is now awaiting approval from the Umatilla County Board of Commissioners which will need to rezone the plot from ‘farmland’ to ‘industrial’. A public hearing on the issue is expected to take place later this week.

The announcement follows the news of a further proposed Amazon data centre campus eight miles outside of Dublin City, Ireland. Initially, this site will house a 223,000 sq.ft data centre, but could eventually accommodate up to seven other facilities – at an estimated final value of around €1 billion.


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