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Digital Realty invests $22M in data centre expansion

Thu 16 Mar 2017

Digital Realty, the international data center solutions provider, has announced plans to expand its Atlanta data center offerings with a new facility, representing a $22 million USD investment.

The new facility will comprise 18,000 square feet of raised floor space, located near the company’s primary data center campus in Atlanta. The two locations will communicate through a high-speed fiber connection.

The dual-campus model will provide customers with access to 150 cloud, IT, infrastructure and network providers, helping to provide clients with a supported transition to cloud services. Digital Realty also boasts a Service Exchange, which may be utilized to access Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services in any existing zone in the United States from the Atlanta facility.

The Digital Realty Internet Exchange (DRIX) also offers customers connection speeds of 100G or higher which eliminates the need for multiple-port access to achieve high-speed data transmissions.

The company selected Atlanta as the location for a new facility due to the city’s low cost of occupancy, reliable power and fiber infrastructure, as well as the opportunities presented by the growing businesses in its technology, healthcare, and education sectors.

The existing primary campus in Atlanta, which has 160,000 square feet of space, is currently operating at capacity with no vacancies for new customers. Digital Realty Vice President John Stewart said that he expects the new facility to be functional and full to capacity as well by the end of 2018.

The new location, just half a mile from the primary campus, will be in the building that was once headquarters for the 1996 Olympics held in Atlanta.

As Digital Realty CTO Chris Sharp said, “This expansion builds upon our leadership in the Southeast region, giving our customers new ways to connect, extend their reach and find new business opportunities.

“We are very pleased to build upon our existing footprint in Atlanta and to continue growing our relationships and community in this developing technology center.”

Digital Realty’s 2016 financial statements included spending projections for 2017 that included up to $1 billion USD intended to be spent on development and expansion of data center facilities in eight new and existing markets, one of which is Atlanta.

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