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Google to launch nine new data centres over three new cloud regions

Mon 13 Mar 2017

Google has announced that it will initiate three new cloud regions in the U.S., the Netherlands and Canada, involving the creation of a total of nine new data centre builds. The launches will bring the search giant’s total of cloud zones from six to nine, though the company anticipates it will ultimately operate up to 17 cloud regions at some unspecified time in the future.

The announcement was made on the second day of the Google Cloud Next conference, with VP of cloud platforms Brian Stevens commenting: “These new regions will deliver lower latency for customers in adjacent geographic areas, increased scalability and more disaster recovery options.”

Each of the new regions will be divided into three geographically-diverse zones, though no details have been given as to whether all the data centre builds involved will be ground-up constructions or retrofits.

The Asia end of the Google Cloud Platform (GCP) was augmented last year with the announcement of Japan-based cloud region asia-northeast1, enabled the submarine cabling capabilities of PLCN and Google’s own FASTER marine infrastructure. At that time Google also announced pending builds for Mumbai, Sydney and Singapore this year.

GCP still lags behind Amazon Web Services (AWS) in the sector – and in fact Amazon seem set to preserve this situation, having last week announced a new (potentially) €900m data centre campus, with primary build ‘Project G’ to be followed by up to seven others over the next five years.

Google Cloud Platform was also in the news at the end of last week, when it announced the institution of a ‘free tier’, providing prescribed access to fifteen services including the Google Compute Engine. The deal also furnishes users with $300 in trial credits, valid for a year, and provides 5GB of Google Cloud Storage per month.


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