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Equinix to expand data centre business in Switzerland

Tue 28 Feb 2017

Equinix Zurich

Citing Swiss regard for privacy and data protection, global data centre company Equinix is to purchase a data centre business from ICT-Center, based in Zurich, Switzerland.

According to an official Equinix release, the facility is located next to two of its existing International Business Exchange (IBX) data centres in the city, ZH2 and ZH4. The new addition will be incorporated into the ZH4 site, expanding the company’s offering in the key European connectivity hub.

The deal will see Equinix add around 60 cabinets of sold capacity to its portfolio, as well as a total colocation space of approximately 230 cabinets. The data centre currently serves a large number of network customers, global businesses, and financial services companies.

The acquisition is expected to close in early April 2017 for less than $5 million (approx. £4 million).

Equinix noted that it is attracted to the region due to Switzerland’s position as one of the most developed countries in Europe and worldwide. It referenced a recent report released by the World Economic Forum which ranks the country’s economy as the most competitive in the world, and a European Union study which rates Switzerland as the most innovative European country.

‘With the right to privacy and data protection enshrined in the Swiss constitution, combined with a fast, sound IT infrastructure, Switzerland continues to be a top destination for international business,’ said Equinix EMEA president, Eric Schwartz.

‘We believe this acquisition enables Equinix to provide more capacity and interconnection to customers who leverage Platform Equinix for access to network or cloud connectivity, or accelerate digital transformation,’ he added.

Earlier this year, Equinix also completed its acquisition of IO UK’s data centre business in Slough on the outskirts of London. The facility has been renamed LD10 and will be connected to the existing eight Equinix data centres around the UK capital.


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