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OVH continues U.S. data centre expansion

Thu 23 Feb 2017

OVH Oregon

French IaaS provider OVH has announced the addition of a new data centre in Hillsboro, Oregon, as it continues with its North American and global expansion plans.

The acquired facility will join OVH’s Virginia-based Vint Hill site as its second data centre in the U.S., with a third North American data centre located in Canada. Just 20 miles from Portland, the new west coast data centre will house approximately 80,000 servers in 112,500 sq.ft.

According to an OVH release, the new centre will feature the company’s patented green technology in order to operate using significantly less power. The technology includes proprietary water-cooled servers which help to save energy on cooling and enable the provider to run its processors at a faster rate due to more efficient heat transfer.

‘For years, leading tech companies have been trying to figure out how to cool their data centres for less money,’ said OVH U.S. VP of Research & Development, Pascal Jaillon. ‘Legacy data centres have been using expensive forced air conditioning to cool servers. OVH’s innovation in data centre cooling is just the first of many that will be introduced in this growing market.’

With the latest addition, OVH will operate 23 data centres worldwide, spanning 11 countries and 4 continents. The company also offers 32 points of presence globally and owns thousands of miles of fibre around the world.

In January, the provider announced its plans to break into the UK data centre market, selecting the inner suburbs of London for its first of three facilities planned for development in the country.

While OVH is building on its global expansion efforts, the company is placing particular focus on the U.S., citing market growth and business engagement. The press release quoted a recent report from Global Industry Analysts which predicted that the U.S. cloud market is the largest globally, and is estimated to be worth at least $7.5 billion by 2020.


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