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Microsoft releases Azure backup services at UK data centres

Tue 7 Feb 2017

Microsoft Azure

Microsoft has announced that its Azure Backup and Site Recovery features will now be made available via its UK data centres, meaning that British organisations can use off-site backup without running the risk of their data being shipped outside of the country.

The tech giant said that customers would only pay for the amount they need to store, instead of having to buy unnecessary capacity. Users can then scale this up and down to meet their requirements.

Customers will be able to choose between locally redundant storage, which generates three copies of the data in a paired regional data centre, or geo-redundant storage which replicates the data to a secondary site at a distance from the primary region.

The Site Recovery service will also allow on-premises physical servers to be replicated in the Azure cloud for backup and recovery purposes.

Microsoft noted that all data would be encrypted in both transmission and storage.

In an official release, Mark Smith, senior director of Cloud and Enterprise at Microsoft, said of the launch: ‘With Azure Backup and Site Recovery, Microsoft customers can be confident that their information is safe, secure and available whenever and wherever they need it.

‘These features add to the fantastic services already being offered from Microsoft’s UK data centres, which are being utilised by the government and other major organisations in this country because of the transparency, security and compliance they offer.’

The launch comes after Microsoft opened its first UK-based data centres in September last year, in Cardiff, Durham and London. The new facilities house both Azure cloud services and the firm’s Office 365 suite.

According to Microsoft, high-profile customers are already benefiting from the UK Azure services such as the Ministry of Defence (MoD), Aston Martin, the Met Police and parts of the NHS, including the UK’s largest health trust, the South London & Maudsley (SLAM) NHS Trust.

In October last year, Microsoft announced that its data centre investment in Europe has now reached a commitment of $3 billion (approx. £2.4 billion). Alongside its UK rollout, the company plans to introduce Azure, Office 365 and Dynamics 365 services from data centre locations across France.


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