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BT adds Deep Security to cloud platform

Mon 16 Jan 2017

British Telecom has incorporated the Deep Security data center solution into its Cloud Compute platform. BT customers may now access Trend Micro’s Deep Security range of cyber security services through the Cloud Compute platform.

Deep Security offers cyber security solutions including protection from ransomware, threats and targeted attacks with anti-malware, intrusion detection, and integrity monitoring services.

The new cyber security offering from BT is available immediately in the company’s global cloud delivery zones. It is a feature that is offered to customers when ordering Cloud Compute. At that time, customers are able to select any or all of the six security feature categories available, to customize security according to specific infrastructure requirements.

Security feature categories available to BT customers include anti-malware, web reputation service, intrusion detection and protection, firewall, integrity monitoring, and log inspection. Also available is a virtual security application that will allow a user to create an access control list or port forwarding rules.

Deep Security offers cyber security services for physical, virtual and cloud servers on a pay-as-you go basis, and is now fully integrated with BT’s Cloud Compute.

In a press release, BT Vice President Neil Lock said that customers rely on his company to support digital transformation, and that simplifying cloud security for customers is part of the company’s Cloud of Clouds strategy.

Bharat Mistry, Cyber Security Consultant for Trend Micro, the creators of Deep Security, added, “The concept of shared responsibility in the cloud requires all customers to make security a priority, but the dynamic nature of the environment means a traditional data center approach simply doesn’t fit.” Adding Trend Micro’s Deep Security product to the BT Cloud Compute platform allows users to benefit from a shared security solution that protects all customer data.

This week, Trend Micro also released a new version of Tipping Point software for data centers. The latest version incorporates a standalone Next Generation Intrusion Prevention System, or NGIPS.  The company said that the NGIPS is the first-to-market standalone NGIPS to deliver up to 100Gb threat inspection with low latency, allowing for continuous monitoring without affecting network performance.

Cloud Compute, the British Telecom Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) offering, is a preconfigured data center through which customers can manage cloud services, combining access to the BT global network with local infrastructure to ensure compliance with local regulations.


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