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Singtel opens ninth data centre in Singapore

Tue 10 Jan 2017

Singapore Telecommunications Limited, or Singtel, has opened its ninth data center in Singapore. The new data center known as DC West is located in Jurong, an area set to become the next commercial hub outside of the Central Business District.

The new data center is seven stories high, comprising 570,000 square feet of space and has power capabilities of up to 36 MW, which the company says is one of the highest power densities in the area. The Tier 3-plus, high security facility is connected to Singtel’s eight other data centers through an inter-DC fiber optic network, positioned to offer customers options for disaster recovery and business continuity.

The company claims that the new facility will offer 99.999% uptime, with a fully redundant power system employing two diverse networks to eliminate downtime. It also has a diesel-powered rotary uninterruptible power supply with 18 hours of emergency fuel stored in underground tanks.

The DC West data center cost $285 million USD to build, and was designed to meet the standards for BCA Green Mark Platinum. Environmentally friendly features of the build include a diesel UPS and a cooling system which uses water reclaimed from the city’s sewage by the Singapore Public Works board.

Bill Chang, CEO of Singtel Group Enterprise said, “This new data center is designed to meet the critical hosting needs of the financial services industry, government agencies, and cloud and Internet service providers.”

“It enables Singtel to attract and host world-class cloud players in Singapore and position the country as a global hub for cloud computing and innovation,” he added.

In addition to floor space and power, the new site also incorporates eight layers of physical security, including biometrics and 24-hour surveillance. Singtel offers monitoring and security services to help customers protect sensitive data from electronic intruders as well.


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