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DuPont Fabros Technology starts construction on CH3 data centre

Fri 6 Jan 2017


Wholesale data centre services provider DuPont Fabros Technology (DFT) has announced that development has started on the CH3 data centre in Elk Grove Village, Illinois – its third facility in the Chicago metro area.

According to a press release, Phase I of the project is expected to deliver 12.8MW of available critical load and is due for completion during the first quarter of 2018.

Once finalised, CH3 will comprise of 25.6MW of available critical load, 305,000 gross square feet, and 160,000 computer room square feet (CRSF). No concrete date has yet been set for the completed expansion.

‘We believe demand in the Chicago market remains strong,’ said DFT President and Chief Executive Officer, Christopher Eldredge. ‘Commencing the development of CH3 will provide DFT valuable inventory allowing us to compete for an attractive pipeline of opportunities in the Chicago market.’

Headquartered in Washington, D.C., DFT serves U.S. and international enterprise customers across a range of industries, including technology, internet content providers, media, communications, cloud-based, healthcare and financial services.

The company owns and manages 11 data centres across three major U.S. markets. The total portfolio spans 3.33 million gross square feet and provides 287MW of available critical load. Its plant in Ashburn, Virginia is estimated to be among the three largest data centres in the world at 1,600,000 square feet.

In October 2016, DFT paid CAD $54,250,000 (approx. £33million) for a former printing plant and associated land in Vaughan, Ontario, marking the company’s entry into the Toronto data centre market.

The TOR1 facility, which once printed the Toronto Daily Star, is expected to launch services during the third quarter of this year. It will deliver a critical load of up to 46MW and 23 computer rooms. The first phase of development involved the construction of 12 white spaces over 125,000 square feet with a critical load of 24MW.


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