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Micron launches 5100 series data centre flash drives

Tue 6 Dec 2016

Micron Technology Corporation has announced the release of a new series of 5100 data centre flash modules, promising that the line will represent the highest-density SATA SSD in the data centre sector.

The range includes: the 5100 ECO, at 480GB, 960GB, 1.9TB, 3.84TB and (imminent) 7.86TB; the 5100 PRO, at 240GB, 480GB, 960GB, 3.84TB; and the 5100 MAX, at 240GB, 480GB, 960GB, 1.92TB.

The range is reported to exceed all equivalent models from manufacturers such as Samsung and SanDisk, in terms of the combination of throughput and capacity, though it’s the pending 7.68TB unit that looks to head the market, unless a challenger arrives in the interval. In the meantime, Micron promises further announcements about new M2 models in the range next month, and further releases in February.

M2-micronNo prices have yet been announced, though it has been speculated that the models are looking to undercut 10k rpm HD units by an attractive margin.

The drives employ a Marvell controller under Micron FlexPro firmware, permitting the largest model (the 7.68TB ECO) to convert to a 4tb PRO equivalent.

The new 5100 units are aimed at the SATA drive replacement market: the ECO variant is read-optimised, and also optimised for content sharing workloads and cloud services, while the PRO’s higher consumption rewards the user with a mixed read/write configuration suited for intensive applications.

The units, which come with a five year warranty and accord with American security standards including FIPS 140.2 and TCH+G Enterprise, are specced at 520mbps read and 540mbps write, though these top speeds are likely to be curtailed in the smaller models. The endurance ratings for each variant are <1 drive write daily for the ECO offering, a full write for the PRO unit, and five writes for the MAX.



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