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HPE and Schneider Electric to collaborate on micro data centre

Tue 6 Dec 2016

HPE, in conjunction with Schneider Electric, will offer a new modular Micro Data Center product, available commercially by the end of the month.

HPE will introduce the Micro Data Center at the Gartner Conference on operations management, infrastructure and data centers to be held in Las Vegas said a representative of Schneider Electric in an interview.

Schneider, a global provider of energy management and automation solutions, worked together with HPE to create and deliver the new data center.

HPE will provide the base server hardware which will include Hyper Converged and Edgeline servers, while Schneider will be responsible for power, cooling, monitoring and security.

Steven Carlini, Schneider’s senior director for data center global solutions, referred to the new product offerings for modular infrastructure in smaller, cost-effective packages as ‘drop-in-place micro data centers.’

The HPE Micro Data Center is a complete modular unit that can be assembled quickly on site. It is intended to be operational immediately, as the HPE servers and software, along with Schneider’s infrastructure, will be pre-provisioned prior to installation.

The Micro Data Center integrates data center infrastructure management (DCIM) and the HPE OneView product into a single interface, allowing a hybrid view of remote operations from a central command center. The Micro Data Center can either be ordered with pre-configured architecture, or with custom configurations based on user-specific requirements.

Carlini said, “At Schneider, our goal is to be the standard physical infrastructure supplier for all these next-generation micro data centers.

He also said that certain Micro Data Center models may be optimized for Internet of Things applications, as customers may elect to include gateways that can be bridged to IoT sensors. “There’s different packages from the vendors that are IoT specific, that we will put into the micro data centers,” Carlini added.

The partnership between HPE and Schneider began this summer, when Schneider and HP joined forces to integrate Schneider’s StruxureWare with HP OneView for real-time, comprehensive infrastructure monitoring and management.

“Great relationships and communication between our company and HP expedited the HP OneView integration during phase 1,” said Owen Rielly, HP Global Alliance Manager at Schneider Electric. ”Our alignment with HP is good, and, with HP’s help and products, we look forward to building an end-to-end portfolio of services and facility, IT and service management expertise.”

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