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Nlyte enhances infrastructure management software for data centre

Mon 5 Dec 2016

Nlyte, provider of data center infrastructure management solutions (DCIM) has announced significant enhancements to its DCIM product, Nlyte 8.

The updated version, Nlyte 8.1, was created to provide improved energy and environmental monitoring for data center management and to improve efficiency in data center workflow. The new version also includes VeraCode certified, military grade security achieved through adaptations to the Nlyte Energy Optimizer.

The new services available in Nlyte 8.1 include Virtual PDU, which allows power tracking without the use of physical power strips, as well as a real-time power chain status and architectural view of the system, from the devices feeding the busmain down to each connected tapoff.

“With Nlyte 8.1, our customers now have improved capabilities to more accurately and securely track their power chain and workflow in the data center,” said Robert Neave, CTO and Co-Founder of Nlyte Software.

“These new capabilities will enable organizations to more easily increase the efficiency of their data center operations.”

A key feature that has been added to the new version is the Nlyte Energy Optimizer / Alarm Workflow. This feature enables users to track data center alarms and the process of addressing each alarm within the Nlyte Workflow process.

Every alarm that is set off in the data center kicks off a workflow process request, which is updated in real time as the alarm is acknowledged, addressed and deactivated.

In an Nlyte blog post, the Alarm Workflow feature is referred to as a DCIM game changer, “because the integration is seamless and constitutes an “industry-first” for this category of data center management software.”

Nlyte 8.1 incorporates these new features into existing Nlyte 8 offerings, which include software-defined data centers (SDDC) features, virtual power distribution units, or V-PDUs, and colocation features created to improve profitability for colocation providers and customers.

Nlyte is the provider of DCIM and data center service management (DCSM) products for industry leaders Verizon, Cisco, and Honeywell. Nlyte also recently made news when it was selected by the Department of State to provide DCIM solutions to help the DOS meet the government’s data center optimization requirements. Nlyte added the DOS to its portfolio of 23 government agencies that have already deployed their DCIM solutions, including the U.S. government’s Civilian, Intelligence, and Defense departments.


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