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ZTE unveils ToR switch for data centre

Thu 22 Sep 2016


ZTE, the Chinese telecommunications equipment giant, has launched a new, next-generation 25G Top-of-Rack (ToR) switch and the 5950, an all-gigabit routing switch series. The ToR and routing switches were created to meet the needs of data center and campus network aggregation layers.

The ToR switch, or ZXR10 5960-4M, has four card slots and high-performance stacking capabilities, with a switching capacity of up to 6.4 TB/S. It also has 24 hybrid cards, allowing for flexible high-speed network deployment. The switch is suitable as the core or aggregation layer of a data center or campus network.  It is also fully compatible with ZTE’s 9900 series core switch, to build solutions applicable to public, private, or hybrid cloud usage.

The ZTE ToR switch can also bundle ports of different devices in a stack, which helps clients to create cross-device bundling and load balancing, with a max stacking bandwidth of 160G.

The 5950 routing switch, launched simultaneously, is an L3 cassette routing switch for enterprise clients. It has L2 switching and L3 routing capabilities for reliable high-bandwidth solutions, ranging from DC or desktop gigabit access, as well as campus aggregation and access scenarios.

Products from the 5950 routing switch series are able to provide 24-port and 48-port all gigabit interfaces. It can also either use fixed 10GE small form factor pluggable (SFP+) fixed interfaces for uplink ports, or it can choose between 40GE uplink or stacking ports. The series also includes two Power Over Ethernet (POE) switches, which can connect devices with POE access requirements.

ZTE also announced today that it is launching the industry’s first 100G packet transport product for 5G access layer packet transport services. The 5G base increases bandwidth by 10-100 times over 4G products and can support mobile broadband, mass IoT, and highly reliable input-output virtualization (IOV).

Headquartered in Shenzhen, China, ZTE is a telecommunications multinational, and one of the top ten smartphone manufacturers in the world. With the global router and switch market expected to reach $41.03 billion by 2022, ZTE remains a key player in the telecom equipment market as well.


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