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Lightcyber eliminates breach detection gap for Amazon

Thu 22 Sep 2016

AWS breach security

Lightcyber, an Israeli security company specializing in behavioral attack detection (BAD) services, announced today that it has created BAD services specifically for Amazon, to close the breach detection gap in AWS cloud and hybrid cloud data centers.

The new Magna Detector-AWS and Magna Probe-AWS products can be deployed by a client within their Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (VPC). Rather than attempting to bar access to outsiders, Lightcyber subscribes to the theory that at some point a system will be accessed and that the important thing is to detect malicious activity as quickly as possible. The new Magna products can detect malicious activity within a VPC environment by using machine learning to identify common behaviors of attackers inside a system that signify an attempt to gain control of assets inside a system.

The Magna-AWS products were created for clients who use the Amazon Web Services VPC environment to provide a solution specifically for virtual environments, but similar to the network security products available for customers of on-site data centers.

“While network security analytics systems exist for on-premise environments, the capabilities for public cloud workloads have lagged behind,” said Jason Matlof, executive vice president, LightCyber. “Extending the Magna Behavioral Attack Detection platform into the public cloud data center enables security operators to achieve similar levels of security visibility into active attacks for both the on-premise and cloud data center environments.”

The new products use anomaly detection and behavioral profiling services found in the original Magna platform, but are tailored specifically for AWS VPC clients. In a virtual environment, as in an on-site data center, malicious entities follow certain paths to gain a foothold in an environment once they have illegally gained access. Using network traffic analytics, (NTA) and user and entity behavior analytics (UEBA), Magna identifies common paths used by external agents for early detection of a breach, thereby limiting malicious access to confidential information hosted on the VPC. The Magna AWS products also use AWS VPC flow logs to monitor the virtual network and are beta-testing the incorporation of Gigamon Visibility Fabric into the Magna-AWS offering.

Lightcyber is also expanding the Magna Pathfinder, previously available only to Windows clients, to a new Linux-enabled version as well.

Last April, Lightcyber was awarded top honors in cybersecurity excellence in the intrusion detection category, followed by a $20 million success in Series B funding in June.


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