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Avere launches Cloud-Core NAS

Thu 22 Sep 2016

Avere C2N

Avere Systems, creators of the all-flash storage system FTX Edge, today unveiled the new Cloud-Core NAS (C2N). The C2N is presented as an NAS-based infrastructure management tool to provide smaller companies a cost-effective, scalable first step to cloud migration.

With C2N, Avere has taken the existing FTX Edge flash drive and added scalable object storage, incorporating tiers of file-based and object-based disk storage to create the new system. C2N capacity starts at 120 terabytes but is fully scalable up to 5 petabytes, which users may achieve by adding 80 TB at a time. C2N can be used as a standalone system, or be combined with the FTX Edge to provide a gateway to object-based storage and an NAS-based path to the cloud.

According to the press release, “By integrating private and public object storage with an organization’s existing NAS infrastructure, C2N allows enterprises to create a simple and flexible hybrid cloud, managing an entire heterogeneous infrastructure as a single, logical pool of storage.”

The new C2N system is intended to provide clients with a path to the cloud using network-attached storage. Some of the barriers to cloud migration for smaller companies include requirements to use unfamiliar object-based API’s, or vendors that require the purchase of unnecessarily large storage capacity, often over a petabyte to start. The C2N seeks to answer these problems by creating a purpose-built file system for object storage that can be easily incorporated into existing environments. Starting small, at 120 TB, creates a path for easy adoption of cloud technologies by smaller clients, with the option to grow as required to meet future storage and performance needs.

“Cloud migration is the holy grail of enterprise storage, but making the move to the cloud involves many expensive and resource-intensive hurdles that can slow adoption,” said Jeff Tabor, Senior Director of Product Management and Marketing at Avere Systems. “Avere’s C2N is the first of its kind and offers a stepping stone to object storage, transforming existing environments into cloud-aware infrastructure to accelerate performance and hide latency.”

Avere Systems was named Google’s top cloud platform technology partner in 2015, and provides storage solutions for many clients in the video effects industry worldwide.


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