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Emerson launches IoT mobile app for micro data centre monitoring

Mon 12 Sep 2016

Server room

Data centre services provider Emerson Network Power has launched a new mobile app for customers looking to better manage their micro data centre and small edge computing spaces.

The $600 (approx. £450) smartphone tool enables IT managers to remotely monitor equipment, including alarms, as well as heating and cooling levels, and humidity rates in their server rooms.

The IoT mobile app, named iCOM CMS, only allows one-way communication if the user is outside of their company’s firewall; sending relevant monitoring information to the user, but not offering permissions to make changes through the platform. However, if the user is within the corporate firewall, they can modify settings as if they were dealing directly with the machinery.

Screen Shot 2016-09-12 at 16.39.15The new product was inspired by a recent Emerson report, 2016 Cooling the Edge Survey, which found that monitoring was among the top three concerns raised by IT professionals managing small IT infrastructures in the U.S.

According to Jennifer Cooke, research director for market intelligence provider IDC, improving protection and operational efficiency are top priorities for data centre and IT facility managers. She added in the iCOM release that remote visibility and control is increasingly essential, particularly in hybrid environments which utilise edge computing and IoT technologies.

For now, the mobile app has not been integrated with Emerson’s Data Center Infrastructure Management kit, Trellis, but the development is part of the firm’s future plans, with the app’s data feeding straight into the DCIM platform.

Emerson noted that a further feature on the roadmap would be to allow for the collection and storing of operational data for analysis which can inform future decision-making.

John Peter Valiulis, Emerson’s ‎vice president of North America thermal management marketing, commented that the new app would be a game changer in the edge computing space. ‘It answers a powerful need of our IT customers for more reliable and cost-effective management of these revenue-critical spaces, and it is another important milestone in the development of thermal controls’, he said.

The new system is only available in North America, with other regions expected to follow shortly.


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