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VADS Malaysia reveals ‘twin core’ data centre strategy

Thu 18 Aug 2016

VADS Malaysia

VADS Berhad, a subsidiary of telecom Malaysia, is launching a new data center in southern Malaysia with a ‘twin core’ strategy. The new Tier III data center will be supported by a second, similarly scaled data center 320 km (198 m) away.

The two data centers will be connected with 100G high-speed fiber optic cable, allowing for active/active redundancy in both centers, to prevent service interruptions. Locating the two data centers in the same country eliminates cross-border data management issues. At the same time, the geographic separation meets best practices for physical space between primary and disaster-recovery backup sites, where many clients require primary and secondary infrastructure to be located more than 100km apart, to protect data in the case of natural disasters.

The primary data center, located in Nusajaya, is currently under construction and will comprise 100,000 square feet – 90,000 certified Tier III white space and an additional 10,000 square feet of office suites and workspaces. It is expected to be completed in early 2017. The second, 320 km away in Cyberjaya, is expected to break ground later this year with the fiber optic link between the two established and operational by the first quarter of 2018. The plan for the Nusajaya center also includes four diverse fiber paths to provide data continuity to customers.

“We have spent a tremendous amount of time and investment to ensure that resiliency is guaranteed at these facilities…also from a connectivity standpoint, we have invested heavily in multiple diverse paths,” explained Edwin Ng, the general manager for data center services at VADS.

Regarding the dual data center plan, Massimo Migliuolo, CEO of VADS, said, “The Twin Core data centers are built to stringent security standards and globally recognized industry and green certification. They will house TM’s internet gateway; forming the regional data, content, and information exchange hub for VADS Cloud Exchange and other global cloud players.”

VADS also unveiled its plans for the VADS Marketplace, Malaysia’s first cloud exchange, which will be anchored by the twin-core data center plan. Establishing a cloud exchange platform, fronted by VADS Marketplace, will allow the company to provide hybrid or multi-cloud solutions to customers, augmented by the twin-core dual center strategy.

Ng added, “What makes [us] special, is our ability to offer the entire stack. Some providers might not have the platform inside their own infrastructure.”


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