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Trident subsea cable chooses Equinix for PoPs in Singapore, Australia and Jakarta

Fri 29 Jul 2016

Trident’s undersea cable, anticipated for completion mid-way through 2018, will connect to Points of Presence (PoPs) in three APAC territories via Equinix.

The company announced the deal on its portal yesterday, noting that the cable will have interconnection points at Equinix DC operations in Melbourne, Sydney, Jakarta and Singapore. The PoPs will facilitate cross-connections for the Equinix customer-base with colocations in SY1, SG3, ME1 and JK1 data centres, and will be the first to create a PoP in JK1 and ME1.

Alexis Pinto, the CEO of the Trident subsea cable project, said that the company had selected Equinix for its comprehensive global network of provider-neutral data centres, and its current robust presence in APAC. “By establishing interconnection points in SY1, ME1, SG3 and JK1, we can provide easy and low-cost access to customers in all key capital cities across our network, as well as all the major carriers and cloud providers who are already part of the Equinix ecosystem.”

The managing director of Equinix Australia, Jeremy Deutsch, commented: “Trident is a great addition to the list of network service providers on offer in Equinix, and presents further connectivity options to our customers, particularly in Melbourne, where Trident is the first international submarine cable to establish a PoP in ME1. We’re proud to facilitate greater business opportunities between Australia and Asia and provide the gateway for local businesses to enter the Asian market.”

Trident’s cable will therefore connect more than 190 networks for Equinix Singapore, with another thirty in Melbourne and more than 130 in Sydney.

Last month the company announced that it would also create PoPs in Singapore and Sydney via Global Switch.

The Trident cable is intended to provide low-latency 100gbps connection between Singapore and Sydney, offering improved performance over current extant cables running through from Hawaii and Guam.


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