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Moscow Exchange completes first stages of data centre migration

Fri 24 Jun 2016


The Moscow Exchange (MoEx) is completing the first stages of its data centre migration, which will see the Russian exchange group transfer its hardware and data infrastructure to a new DataSpace facility.

DataSpace1, which has been used as a backup facility during the migration, will continue as a disaster recovery (DR) site for the organisation’s trading and clearing platforms between 23rd July and November this year, at which point it will become the primary data centre for MoEx.

Carrier-neutral colocation provider DataSpace, founded in 2009, manages the facility which it claims is the first data centre in Russia and continental Europe to successfully complete the full cycle of Tier III certification, and only the fifth worldwide.

The Moscow-based company confirmed the agreement with MoEx in 2014. At the time, MoEx chief information officer, Sergei Poliakoff, commented: ‘Having completed a rigorous analysis of existing and prospective offerings in the data center market, we are pleased to announce that we have selected DataSpace as our primary data center. The combination of physical security offered, operations expertise and Tier III Gold rating from Uptime were key factors in our decision making process. We are looking forward to fully deploying our primary trading infrastructure in a new home…’

DataSpace chairman, David Hamner, also added: ‘We are… proud that DataSpace1 was selected for its peerless level of security, reliability and operational excellence. We look forward to working closely with MoEx for many years to come and hope that our strong partnership will serve as a great example, furthering the development of the Russian data center market.’

MoEx is the biggest exchange in Russia and specialises in operating trading markets in equities, bonds, derivatives, currency, agriculture and precious metals. For this reason, it required a state-of-the-art data centre which could guarantee service quality and reliability for its clients.


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