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‘Holy Grail of hot availability’, Atlantis debuts stretched cluster solution

Tue 13 Oct 2015

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Mountain View-based Atlantis, software-defined-storage (SDS) specialists, today announced that it will combine a new stretched cluster feature with its all-Flash, hyper-converged USX platform – promising to slash business continuity costs in half.

We spoke to Atlantis CMO Bob Davis at VMworld Europe 2015 and asked him about the new business continuity offering, integrating it with the 18-month-old USX SDS solution, and the goal of achieving ‘failover nirvana.’

“Keeping data safe and maintaining an effective disaster recovery strategy with traditional storage is problematic. There are always issues around balancing speed requirements, cost effectiveness, performance…” says Davis, explaining why business continuity is often out of reach for many organisations.

Davis refers to a disaster recovery ‘nirvana’, where data and applications threatened by a failure can be recovered instantly and without losing any information. “The challenge is that this ability comes with a big cheque when working with typical architectures.”

An SDS approach stretched across multiple data centres, Davis argues, allows companies to take advantage of performance and efficiency achieved by all-Flash, hyper-converged platforms, such as USX, to deliver speed and cost benefits in business continuity. “If a single data centre goes out, the housed applications won’t know anything about it, they immediately and automatically failover to another site. The applications aren’t aware, not even for one millisecond, that there’s been a problem.”

Highlighting its ‘Best of VMworld’ success for the implementation, Atlantis notes that the USX cluster can span multiple data centre locations at distances up to 100 miles. It adds that this capability allows businesses to dynamically move workloads and VMs between facilities at a round trip latency of no more than 8 ms.

The USX Stretched Cluster will reach general availability in two days’ time, on the 15th October. The high availability solution can be deployed as part of a USX hyper-converged plan at no extra charge to current customers.


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