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Equinix enters Phase Two of its development of Singapore data centre SG3

Tue 11 Aug 2015

Equinix's SG3 data center at Singapore

American public corporation Equinix is moving into the next stage of its expansion plans for its SG2 data centre in Singapore, moving capacity from 1000 to 3000 cabinets, with the ultimate aim of a fulfilled brief of 5000 cabinets occupying 385,000 square feet (35,700sqm).

A press release announced the initiative, which builds on SG3’s current status as the company’s most capacious data centre in the Asia Pacific region, and which is expected to represent a $54mn (approx. £3,466,000) investment.

SG3 was opened in the first quarter of 2015, amidst the company’s announcement of the foundation of five new data centres in locations including London, Melbourne and Toronto. Equinix’s release states that Singapore-based data centres boast a high interconnection rate – 12,200 inter-business connections in Singapore alone. SG3 is further advantaged by its location adjacent to the SG1 DC complex at Ayer Rajah Crescent, and a dedicated dark fibre network connects the two. SG1 is claimed to be the ‘most sought-after data center space in Southeast Asia’, sitting as it does in the most densely-networked metropolitan area in the Asia-Pacific region.

The connection between SG1 and SG3 (Equinix, Singapore)

The connection between SG1 and SG3 (Equinix, Singapore)

Equinix’s Asia Southeast Managing director Clement Goh commented in the statement ‘Singapore is en-route to becoming a Smart Nation, integrating all aspects of technology into a coherent and cohesive whole to improve the way people live, work and play…We hope to support Singapore’s vision by providing our customers with direct access to established business ecosystems. Increasingly companies see great potential in multi-cloud access and the importance of a strong, reliable, yet flexible solution,’

Goh also cites changes in data centre privacy laws in the region as a significant factor in Singapore’s growth in the data centre field. Most observers conclude, however, that it’s Singapore’s booming financial services sector which is fuelling the mobility and vigour of the DC market there. Goh notes additionally that latency retains its place as the key concern of business as regards the data centre market in the region.

The new round of investment brings Equinix’s total investment in the region to over $300mn. Equinix, headquartered at Redwood City CA, employs 4,100 people with estimated revenue stream of $2.44bn (2014). The company’s portfolio of DC operations includes 28 data centres at key locations in Europe, two in the middle east, 21 in Asia Pacific and 44 in the United States.

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