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Inspur to invest billions in Chinese data centre expansion

Mon 27 Jul 2015


Chinese multinational IT company Inspur, headquartered in Jinan, Shandong, is expected to invest approximately £1 billion in expanding its data centre portfolio across China, according to a China Tech News report.

The alleged investment will boost the expansion of the company’s data centre infrastructure to provide support for its cloud-based products and secure cloud computing solutions. Inspur is expected to grow its cloud services, developing solutions for regional governments as well as large companies and agencies.

Inspur announced that the CNY 10 billion investment would be used to establish seven major cloud computing data centre hubs, and at least 50 new cloud computing centres across China.

Two of the data centre sites have now been completed in Beijing and Jinan. The additional five data centre facilities will be located in Shanghai, South China, Southwest China, North China and Northeast China.

Inspur had earlier this year begun work on a £314 million data centre facility in the Yunhai Science and Technology Park in the Henan Province of central China. The project involved the creation of a national industry data recovery hub and a national safety control service centre.

Described as a ‘fourth generation’ facility, the Henan site benefits from cutting-edge outdoor cooling technologies and a modular design.

Inspur, founded in 2000, is a multinational firm with ties to western tech giants such as Microsoft, from whom it received $25 million (approx. £16 million) in funding in September 2005. The company also works closely with VMware on researching and developing cloud computing products.


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