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Google leads effort against fraudulent data centre ad traffic

Tue 21 Jul 2015

The Trustworthy Accountability Group, otherwise known as TAG, has announced a new programme for hunting out criminal and non-human advertising campaigns originating from global data centres.

The digital ad experts have listed Google as the pilot scheme’s lead partner, with the search engine promising to share its database of data centre IP addresses to lend broader industry intelligence. Facebook, Yahoo, MediaMath and Dstillery have also joined the initiative in its primary phase.

“Industry leaders like Google are stepping up to the plate to provide the information and tools we need to block fraudulent and illegitimate ad traffic at its source,” said Mike Zaneis, CEO at TAG. “This program is another piece of the interlocking set of solutions TAG is building to fight fraud across the entire ecosystem. The industry is galvanizing its efforts and we will win the war against fraud,” he added.

TAG’s data centre ad traffic initiative will sit alongside another recent programme, the ‘Fraud Threat List’, which will launch this October. The List allows companies to share the web domains that they discover as sources of illegal traffic.

One of the main fraudulent advertising strategies is facilitated through automated service ‘bots’ which can disguise themselves as human visitors to a website. TAG’s platform will be able to share information on the data centre IP addresses found to be running this deceptive software.

“Tackling ad fraud will require everyone in the industry to take an active role,” said Google’s video and display advertising VP, Neal Mohan.

Following the launch of the new scheme, TAG is expected to publically release a set of principles for general comment. The final framework will take those comments on board, as well as input from advertising partners. The final anti-fraud tool should be available for industry-wide use before the end of the year.


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