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Globe Telecom inaugurates new containerised data centre in the Philippines

Tue 17 Mar 2015

Globe Telecom, based in Metro Manila’s Mandaluyong City, has inaugurated its new state-of-the-art modular data centre in Cavite, on the southern shores of Manila Bay. The new facility is currently arrayed with 84 racks, with expansion space for up to 500 in total, and conforms to Telecommunications Industry Association (TIA) 942 Tier III standards.

The centre was announced a little under two years ago and is specifically proofed against some of the hazards peculiar to the region, such as soil liquefaction, earthquakes and landslides. Additionally Cavite has been chosen as the data centre’s location because of its low (for the area) incidence of floods, volcanic disturbances, tsunamis and typhoons.

Globe Telecom’s Chief Information Officer Henry Aguda commented on the new installation at the time of its announcement in 2013: “Our customers will appreciate the potential for them to scale-up without impacting their existing operations and manage their operating costs while meeting their dynamic business demands,” and added “It will be a huge leap forward for data center technology in terms of value and benefits with regard to speed of deployment and flexibility,”

The Cavite data centre has been operational since 2014, and is reported to have been completed in record time, becoming immediately operational upon completion, and performing well in recent challenges such as 2014’s storm season.

Globe Telecom is owned by the Ayala Corporation, which has significant investment in banking, land, utilities, automotive concerns and business processing outsourcing and IT in the Philippines.


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