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Philippines telco provider set to expand to 8 national data centres

Mon 16 Mar 2015

IP Converge Data Services, subsidiary of Philippine Long Distance Telephone (PLDT), is planning to expand its data centre portfolio up to eight facilities by 2016, according to a PLDT official.

Executive vice president at PLDT, and ePLDT president and CEO Eric Alberto said that IP Converge had recently completed its sixth data centre, with a seventh set for completion by the close of 2015. Alberto announced that the communications company were hoping to achieve a total rack capacity of 8,000 data centres across eight national sites.

“We’re now on our sixth, building our seventh, and looking for our eighth,” he said.

The seventh IP Converge facility is located in the Philippines financial hub, Makati City. Its eighth centre is expected to be built in the northern region of the country.

“[The eighth data centre] is still under negotiation […] it’s outside Metro Manila in a very secure and investment-friendly area,” Alberto added.

The firm’s other data centre locations include Cebu, Subic, Makati City and Fort Bonifacio in Taguig City.

According to Alberto the expansion efforts reflect today’s “digital reality [that requires] us to build infrastructure that will support corporate demands for offloading their requirements or looking to a partner to help them with their IT requirements.

“More and more enterprises are seeing the reality, the efficiency and the business logic of offloading their IT requirements as it is not their key business but a very key enabler. They find a partner and, in turn, they can put their efforts, time, and resources into improving their core business instead,” Alberto concluded.

Last week, PLDT joined The Open Data Platform (ODP), an international consortium of leading technology and communications companies including VMware, Capgemini and CenturyLink, which aims to create a standardised platform and to promote the big data practice across global markets.


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