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MoD finds new data centre provider through G-Cloud

Wed 10 Dec 2014

The Ministry of Defence has procured a new data centre across the G-Cloud framework, signing a two year-long contract with Ark Data Centres.

Replacing the current hosting centre in Bath, the British contractor will build the new facility in Corsham, Wiltshire, to support the delivery of IT services to the department’s civil servants. Ark hopes the new centre will significantly cut energy costs for the MoD over the next ten years.

As the MoD announced their search for a new site, Ark Data Centres proposed a bid through the G-Cloud framework, presenting to the department that they would be able to deliver high energy savings using state-of-the-art facilities without compromising on security.

“We surveyed the existing MoD datacentre and designed an Ark environment that is far smaller, more flexible and accommodates all of the department’s needs, future-proofed with room to grow,” explained Ark Data Centres CIO Steve Webb.

“This includes a link to the MoD’s Information Systems and Services (ISS) headquarters building at Corsham – which happens to be next door to our site – so that ISS can conveniently work with the new data centre,” Webb added.

He continued to point out that the close proximity of the site to Ark’s Spring Park headquarters was another advantage in closing the deal, with expertise and support just a short distance away.

According to Ark, the new data centre will provide a fixed power usage efficiency (PUE) rating which will save the MoD 14,000 tonnes of carbon over the next decade.

The build is expected to take two months, as opposed to an estimated year had the Ministry built the centre itself.

Although no cost details were publicly revealed, the contract should be fully outlined with the release of the monthly G-Cloud spend figures.

In October of this year, it was publicly disclosed that the complete spend through G-Cloud had passed £314mn, following a slow start after its launch in 2012.


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