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Data centre users offered full benefits of infrastructure management system

Mon 21 Jul 2014

An online system to help colocation customers get the most value out of advanced infrastructure management software has been introduced by London-based data centre owner, Virtus.

The Virtus Intelligent Portal (VIP) gives the customer access to the data centre infrastructure management (DCIM) system and “complete transparency into and control of their colocated data centre usage”.

Matthew Larbey, Vitus’s product strategy director, Virtus Data centres, said the service was unique. “Every data centre can collect data, but it’s what you do with it that makes it valuable. As a result, business executives are challenging their IT staff to convert data centres from cost centres into producers of business value. Having an effective DCIM solution in place combined with flexible colocation terms is one of the best ways to achieve this.”

“He added: “This enables them to visualise and manage space, power, cooling and energy efficiency through a single pane of glass.”

It was developed in partnership with IT automation and integration specialist, TDB Fusion, and DCIM solution provder, iTRACS. “Using the VIP, customers are able to exercise the same amount of control as if it were their own data centre and can do this from a remote or office location via the web based portal,” said Larbey.

Colin Aurelius, the CEO of TDB Fusion said: “The VIP’s open architecture means customers can leverage the management information directly, or integrate it with their existing applications, making it an ideal offering for colocation customers with multiple data centre assets, and enabling a service orientated data centre strategy for the business.”


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