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Internap adds London data centre to global bare metal cloud high performance service

Thu 3 Jul 2014

Cloud infrastructure company Internap has extended its on-demand bare metal service to its London and Hong Kong data centres.

The service, where virtual machines are created directly on the server making them better suited to high performance applications, currently operates in Amsterdam, Singapore, Dallas, New York and Santa Clara.

According to Christian Primeau, senior vice president and general manager of cloud and hosting at Internap, it is aimed at real-time, data-intensive applications across globally distributed environments. “Our bare-metal cloud uniquely addresses these demands, and the addition of our London and Hong Kong locations delivers broader reach in key end user markets,” he said

He said that as more organisations run such “fast data” applications in the cloud, performance issues can arise due to numerous tenants and tasks competing for shared resources. “In our survey of nearly 250 infrastructure decision makers, 59% of those hosting big data applications in the cloud cited performance challenges. Bare-metal public cloud can replace or complement traditional virtualised cloud environments to better meet the needs of performance-centric workloads.”


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