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Data centre association says cloud providers must prepare for privacy and security threats

Thu 19 Jun 2014

New advice on how data centres can implement best practices to meet the increasingly stringent privacy and security requirements of cloud computing users has been published by a leading association.

The Open Data Center Alliance (ODCA), a US-based but global association of IT companies promoting interoperability, has published what it calls the first enterprise IT position on privacy and security and aims to share enterprise best practices for cloud.

“Organisations deploying cloud computing services need tools to understand and prepare for security and privacy threats,” said a spokesman. “Threats to corporate and government data are increasing and becoming more sophisticated, but high-profile, individual threats should not be the focus of an organisation’s security posture.”

What the ODCA suggests is that organisations apply a consistent process and develop security risk management that incorporates their cloud service providers and cloud technologies. “This paper identifies the security frameworks, best practices, and ODCA usage models enterprises should deploy to integrate cloud services into their risk management program,” he added.

Titled the Security and Privacy Position Paper, it identifies the security frameworks, best practices, and usage models that ODCA believes enterprises should deploy to integrate cloud services into their risk management program.

The association has also published white papers on the “Procurement of Cloud Services”  and a best practice document called Architecting Cloud-Aware Applications.   ODCA says the first addresses the challenges of ensuring that procurement processes built for traditional IT keep up with new the cloud environment. The second aims to help organisations adapt to how applications are built, deployed and operated in the cloud.


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