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Schneider Electric plays it cool on DCIM Vigilent teaming

Wed 21 May 2014


Energy management specialist Schneider Electric, has teamed up with dynamic cooling management systems player, Vigilent, to produce a new add-on module for its data centre infrastructure management (DCIM)  product.

Schneider Electric’s StruxureWare for Data Centers will use closed loop control along with clever monitoring and analysis capabilities to allow data centres to react to changes in temperature and airflow This real-time response to temperature-affecting events, such as equipment moves/upgrades or IT load swings.and correct them automatically.

Soeren Jensen, vice president, enterprise management and software for Schneider Electric, said: “We are providing both facilities and IT with actionable intelligence for an ideal balance of high availability and peak efficiency throughout the entire data centre lifecycle.”

He said the partnership was aimed at bridging the gap between facilities and IT by matching cooling with critical thermal locations on the floor. “The self-learning Cooling Optimize module represents the most sophisticated level of maturity for DCIM systems.”

He added that the key benefits of the Cooling Optimize module include producing instant results: “From the moment the system goes live, dynamic cooling control, improved thermal conditions, and energy savings are immediate”. The company claims the system can produce savings of up to 40% of cooling energy costs.

“Up to 95% of hotspots are automatically resolved, and data is provided to help facility managers diagnose trickier issues. The system also includes robust fail-safes and alarms” he said.


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