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We just discovered what ‘4-D Printing’ is, and our mind is blown

Fri 9 May 2014

For many of us still getting around our heads around 3D printing, the concept has taken on a whole new dimension, literally.

It is the collective mind of Business Insider that has suffered the trauma as it explains that 4D printing takes “smart” materials from a 3D printer that can assemble themselves to create shapes and objects that conventional 3D printing can’t.

As examples it has a couple of videos, one of which shows a specially cut material that, when shaken extremely rapidly, folds up into miniature balls.

The concept crops up in an earlier article Citi: These 10 Technologies Will Utterly Transform The World which has some more information and other fascinating technologies.

The potential uses for this range from extreme condition architecture to adaptive infrastructure, like pipes that expand and contract depending on water volume. There’s also potential in medicine: various implants could be inserted in a packed form, then take their true shape once they reach their destination.

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