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Airedale chills out at Data Centre World

Fri 11 Apr 2014

Visitors to Data Centre World 2014 concerned about the creating the right operating environment would have been impressed by a visit to the stand of the British manufacturer, Airedale International.

It returned to the show this year with a selection of its latest precision air conditioning (PAC) and IT cooling systems. This includes the SmartCool SN/SR chilled water PAC unit which, it says, is up to 30% more efficient kW/m2 than existing systems.

Airedale also showed off the ACIS BMS controls software which, it said, “effectively integrates and sequences cooling plant for maximum resilience and energy efficiency”. A spokesman added: “A fully integrated BEMS module will provide more advanced energy management capabilities such as calculating live CO2 emissions and power usage effectiveness (PUE)”.

Visitors also got a preview of the AireFlow indirect fresh air free cooling adiabatic air handling unit (AHU) “which offers huge free cooling potential”.

“Being an indirect system it also eliminates the risk of contaminated air entering the data centre, meaning there is no need for 100% DX back-up cooling,” said the company. An optional integral fresh air inlet for pressurisation and air quality removes the need for a separate AHU.


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