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2BM adds benchmark data to power monitoring software

Fri 11 Apr 2014

Data centre technology leader 2bm, has enhanced its Sensorium power monitoring software with ‘real-world’ benchmarking data and other new functionality.

Sensorium automated software aims to help managers gauge the facilities carbon footprint drawing on real-time data on the performance of its components including power consumption down to rack level. The software accurately tracks and monitors the impact of new data centre designs and shows how any changes affect the infrastructure.

Sensorium function improvements include Asset search for locating hardware using host or model names; Automatic hardware benchmarking using historical metered data; Per-Cabinet regression analysis and Real-time graphs: In addition to the existing historical data graphs, real-time data logging is available at the touch of a button for data granularity of up to 15 seconds.

Jason Preston, director of innovation at 2bm, said: “With Sensorium the days of the over-provisioning of IT equipment, low utilisation rates and dependencies on the national grid for energy transmission and distribution are a thing of the past. By accurately measuring a facility’s power load, data centre managers finally have the ability to monitor the bigger picture and gain better understanding of data centre performance at component level.

Preston concluded: “DC managers are often put off by full DCIM rollouts as they can be complex and time-consuming. Sensorium is now more straightforward to implement and use and as a fully customisable, bespoke software solution it truly gives the environmental control back to the data centre manager.”


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