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Weserve goes to Flexiant to support multi data centre cloud

Tue 8 Apr 2014

Netherlands-based cloud host, Weserve is to use the orchestration software from Flexiant to manage its multi-data centre solution from one platform.

Weserve wanted a replacement solution to support its 1,500-2,000 customers and 25 resellers across the Netherlands. Robert Nijhof, managing director, Weserve said, “It was important for us to manage our two data centres in the Netherlands from one platform. Flexiant’s OpenStack and CloudStack were able to meet our requirements so that we could support now, and expand in the future, our current cloud offering based on VPS with more capabilities and differentiated services.”

Weserve has deployed Flexiant Cloud Orchestrator across both data centres and already has customers on the platform. Weserve has also now completed migrating its existing customers from the previous platform.

The company is also using Flexiant’s Bento Boxes ready to use, pre-packaged and pre-configured application stacks. Nijhof said the main attraction of Flexiant was it could move immediately to a multi-data centre solution, but the Bento Boxes were a valuable add-on.

“We extend the Bento Box functionality to our resellers as most want to turn multiple VPS solutions into hybrid solutions. With Flexiant’s valuable tool, they can use our solution, but deploy it themselves,” said Nijhof.

The platform up and running in days, said Nijhof. “We now have the technical solutions we need to support our customers and reseller business.”


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