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Intel CEO Brian Krzanich resigns over employee relationship

Brian Krzanich, Intel’s CEO since 2013, has resigned after it was revealed he had been engaged in a ‘consensual relationship’ with an Intel employee. This relationship violated Intel’s non-fraternisation policy for management and as such Krzanich was forced out. The company says that it was ‘informed’ of the relationship, after which point an investigation was… Read More

AWS announces cloud computing degree in Virginia

AWS and Northern Virginia Community College (NOVA) have collaborated on the first cloud computing associate degree. Starting in autumn this year, the course will be provided as a specialisation of the college’s existing Information Systems Technology associate degree. There is a pressing demand for skills in this area, with LinkedIn finding that cloud and distributed… Read More

Aruba releases SD-WAN offering for simplicity and security

Aruba has released its newest networking solution, SD-Branch, to help those in charge of corporate networks deal with changing requirements. Intended to help IT teams deliver better network availability and application performance while simplifying the process, the release was driven by the constant development of cloud, mobile and IoT products and services. As IT budgets… Read More

PagerDuty releases Event Intelligence, hopes to save you time

Digital operations management firm PagerDuty has released its Event Intelligence product with the aim of helping security and software teams react more quickly to problems. The company deals in what it calls modern incident response, through a platform that helps on-call teams see, analyse and take action on events. It argues that its service helps… Read More

Advertising can harm tech firms’ profits

Advertising innovative products can cause technology firms to make less money, according to a new UCL study. The findings of a paper from academics at the UCL School of Management show that adoption of new products is often hindered by psychological anxiety. Early adopters, who tend to be less anxious people, the study says, will… Read More

What the IT world thinks of GitHub’s acquisition

GitHub was bought yesterday by Microsoft for the princely sum of $7.5 billion. GitHub is, to many, representative of all that is great about the world of open source development. It embraces collaboration and helps people create some pretty amazing things. Its acquisition by one of tech’s leviathans is, therefore, going to raise some eyebrows… Read More

Azure Standard SSD marks middle ground for VMs

Azure Standard SSD was released in preview today to give Azure customers cheaper access to solid-state drives for their virtual machines. The new Azure Standard SSD, which sits between its Standard HDD and Premium SSD products in terms of performance and pricing, is for those who need durable storage for Azure virtual machines. The disks,… Read More

Microsoft’s GitHub acquisition now looks likely

UPDATE: Microsoft has now confirmed that it has bought GitHub for $7.5 billion (approx £5.6 billion). Its new CEO will be Nat Friedman, formerly a corporate vice president at Microsoft. GitHub former CEO and co-founder Chris Wanstrath will take on an advisory role and will become a technical fellow at Microsoft. Microsoft’s CEO, Satya Nadella, wrote… Read More

Toutiao could owe Tencent 12 pence and an apology

Chinese tech giant Tencent is suing rival Toutiao for 1 yuan, which is worth about 12 pence, over alleged defamation. Toutiao, also known as Bytedance, runs Tik Tok, a video app that has recently become wildly popular in China. The app has become the most downloaded iPhone app globally. It’s known as Douyin in Chinese…. Read More

Box announces multiple data zone options pre-GDPR

Enterprise data storage firm Box has announced multizone support, allowing them to simultaneously store information in multiple different zones across the world. The move is driven primarily by the globalisation of business, as more companies need to meet different international data compliance regulations as they become expand. Announced one day before the introduction of the… Read More

How disruptive technologies are changing business

Ahead of his session at Cloud Expo Asia, held in Hong Kong on 16th and 17th May, we spoke to Esmond Tong, Oracle’s APAC Cloud Specialist Vice President, about how emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence, blockchain and chatbots are changing business. In terms of artificial intelligence and machine learning in the enterprise, Tong notes… Read More

Lessons learned from Monzo’s Kubernetes outage

Monzo engineers suffered a very unenjoyable day in October last year when the online bank experienced a total outage for an hour and 21 minutes. At KubeCon in Copenhagen, Oliver Beattie, Monzo’s head of engineering, talked through the outage and discussed some of the lessons he learned after experiencing every engineer’s worst-case scenario. A full… Read More