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Fri 11 Jan 2019

To connections old and new, 

Coming on board as Junior Editor for The Stack in 2014, I could never have dreamed of the success we have achieved in such a small space of time – at our peak, reaching a global readership of one million.

The idea to forge a small editorial team within the internationally renowned event organiser CloserStill Media and bring a dedicated tech publication online was ambitious, not least in a context of disillusionment in the wider media industry. But, to our joy and surprise, we quickly grew a loyal following of tech and industry aficionados.

I cannot express enough gratitude to all those that have read, retweeted and shared our content, and to our small army of contributors and experts singularly motivated to driving forward the tech conversation and informing and educating those on the frontline.

The idea behind The Stack was for a crowd of CloserStill Media’s most enthusiastic tech appreciators to cut away from our event portfolio to focus on editorial content, all the while leveraging CloserStill’s unique event industry position to canvas the tech landscape in a way few others could. This worked, and worked well.

But as our events – including heavy-weights Cloud Expo Europe, Cloud & Cyber Security Expo, Smart IoT, Big Data World, and Data Centre World, – grew around the world, we became increasingly aware that we were missing an opportunity to transfer the pulsating energy from the conference and exhibition floor online. In short, to combine The Stack’s news and analysis with the wellspring of insight generated at each and every one of our conferences.

Equally too, many of our international delegates are unaware that The Stack quietly churns out content that can keep them abreast when the conference lights are switched off, and the doors closed.

Despite our achievements since those early days, the time has nevertheless come to turn our backs on The Stack in its current form. Pulling the plug on The Stack was always going to be a tender moment, but in truth, this is not an end but a rebirth.

From now on, you’re going to see more and more of our new B2B tech hub Techerati. Techerati is the result of a years’ research and development into our readership, our strengths, and the tech landscape. As a result, Techerati will deliver even more of what our readers have enjoyed most, and a whole lot more besides.

Alice Macgregor, Editor @TheStack

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