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Public cloud market: AWS still (comfortably) reigns supreme

Tue 20 Nov 2018


Amazon Web Services remains comfortably ahead of its rivals in the public cloud services market, according to the latest Q3 research from Synergy Research Group

The research group said AWS enjoys 40 percent of the cloud market and dominates all four of the world’s major regions. Azure is ranked second in three of the four regions, and Google Cloud ranked third in three of them.

It will come as no surprise that in the APAC region – containing a strong Chinese market where local providers reign supreme – Alibaba Cloud is ranked second. Thanks mainly to the size of the Chinese market, this makes Alibaba Cloud fourth overall in the global rankings.

In China, the top five cloud providers are all local companies, and the country now accounts for over a third of the total APAC market, a share that is increasing by the quarter.

Synergy ranked the cloud providers according to their Infrastructure-as-a-Service and Platform-as-a-Service revenues. It supported this method as these services make up the bulk of cloud revenues, with only a small portion coming from managed or hosted private cloud services.

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John Dinsdale, Chief Analyst and Research Director at Synergy Research Group, said small cloud providers have no hope of challenging the market leaders.

“Despite some local issues over data sovereignty, in most meaningful ways public cloud computing is a global market that is led by truly global cloud providers. The market leaders need to have a global presence, a global brand and an ability to fund huge ongoing investments in data centre footprint and service enhancements.

“There will remain opportunities for smaller cloud providers to serve niche markets, especially focused on single countries or local regions, but those companies cannot hope to challenge the market leaders. China will continue to be an exception to the rule, but outside of China this is a global game requiring massive scale.”


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