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Only 22% of firms optimistic about digital transformation strategies

Fri 9 Nov 2018

Digital transformation

New research released by Cisco-owned AppDynamics claims a worrying number of organisations are unprepared for digitalization, casting doubt on the future of most firms’ digital transformation strategies

With the rise of new technologies like blockchain and AI, all industries are scrambling to implement digital transformation strategies, attempting to improve efficiency and create new revenue streams. 

In April this year, Insight Avenue surveyed technologists on behalf of AppDynamics about the trends driving digital transformation and the organisational and technological barriers standing in firms’ way.

The research revealed that no matter what the industry, businesses worldwide are struggling to produce, retain and inspire the IT talent they need.

Only 22 percent of the 1000 global technologists interviewed were optimistic that their organisation was ready for digital transformation, with 50 percent of UK respondents likely to leave their current role in the next two years due to outdated tools and low job satisfaction.

With the incoming data tsunami created by a whole new ecosystem of connected devices, firms urgently need to harness their data effectively so they are not overwhelmed.

Worryingly, 56 percent of UK technologists say there is a surplus of outdated technology within their IT department and 50 percent do not have access to the software and tools they need to turn data into real-time, context-specific insights.

IT professionals are also concerned that their teams will not be able to pull of digital transformation strategies unless they improve skill sets and personnel. 88 percent of UK IT professionals think their organisation lags behind the most innovative IT team in their country in terms of skills, qualities and knowledge. 46 percent see themselves as lagging more than five years behind.

Job satisfaction in UK IT is also alarmingly low. Only 19 percent of UK IT directors and managers feel their full potential is being achieved in their current roles and 64 percent say their work in IT is “reactive”, causing them to forget what attracted them to technology in the first place.

To keep up with the increasing demands of technological change, businesses require IT leaders who can ‘build agile technology platforms to meet the ever-changing needs of the business’, states the report.  The report classifies this new breed of technologist as “Agents of Transformation”. AppDynamics claims only nine percent (six percent UK) of global technologists meet this criteria.

“We are committed to helping our customers become Agents of Transformation – the heroes of their companies’ digital transformation strategies – by providing them with the tools they need to make informed decisions that drive culture change, business performance and better end-user experiences,” said David Wadhwani, CEO, AppDynamics.


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