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Google and Cisco announce hybrid cloud solution

Thu 13 Sep 2018

Google and Cisco have announced general availability of the Cisco Hybrid Cloud Platform for Google Cloud, created to support business applications for on-premises and for Google Cloud Platform environments.

With the new Cisco Hybrid Cloud Platform, companies can access on-premises IT tools from the cloud, and on-premises applications can make use of cloud infrastructure.

This offers Google Cloud Platform customers increased flexibility and agility, using on-premises and cloud platforms to support one another.

The new architecture is built using Istio, an open-source networking technology that connects on-premises to cloud environments in a Kubernetes-based container strategy created to support cloud-native technology.

Hyperflex, the hyper-converged platform from Cisco, provides the cloud-ready on-premises solution for containers, along with security and monitoring tools.

Developers can benefit from the ability to use a local service catalogue to incorporate available Google Cloud services, automatic authentication between on-premises and cloud environments, and ensuring that existing on-premises applications are cloud-ready, should a migration occur in the future.

The Technical Assistance Center (TAC) from Cisco will provide customer support for the Hybrid Cloud Platform.

The Cisco Hybrid Cloud Platform for GCP provides businesses with a path to complete cloud migration at a comfortable pace, conducting multi-cloud management not only side-by-side with enterprise networks but in conjunction, integrating on-premises and cloud to work with and support one another.

Enterprise networking policies and configurations can be extended to the cloud, as can security, monitoring and control.

An enterprise can transition legacy dependencies using the Google Apigee API management tool, connecting legacy workloads to the cloud.

This allows a company to take advantage of the benefits of the cloud without completing a data migration.

Telindus SA took part in the Early Access Program, testing the platform prior to its release for general use.

Telindus used the Cisco Hybrid Cloud Platform to deploy high-security container-based solutions across public and private clouds in an integrated, hybrid manner.

Chief Architect for Telindus SA, Dr Thomas Scherer, said that the platform “provides a turnkey solution for a cloud-native, on-premises experience, and can be easily scaled to the public cloud, leveraging services such as Google Kubernetes Engine and BigQuery.”


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