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Rackspace at Cloud Expo Europe 2018: meet the team

Tue 24 Jul 2018


Rackspace is the world’s leading IT-as-a-service provider for all clouds, and is the largest managed service provider for all clouds globally. We met with the team from Rackspace at Cloud Expo Europe 2018, to talk about their vision for the future, and how Rackspace can help businesses in their cloud journey.

As customers try to figure out which cloud is right for them and how to take advantage of the many services offered by cloud providers, Rackspace is on-hand to help them understand what ‘good’ looks like, what services to use, and to provide expert training and guidance.

Watch the video below to hear from the team.

A major part of the company’s offering is its Managed Security service. Security remains one of the key concerns in any cloud journey, and with cyber attacks on the up and tighter regulation in place, understanding how to keep your cloud secure is vitally important.

Rob Russell from the Managed Security division took the Cloud Expo Europe 2018 audience through the four key points that the Rackspace team has identified for businesses on their cloud journey.

These pain points are: cybersecurity regulation, cloud security, legacy hardware and the cybersecurity skills gap. Watch Rob’s presentation below to find out exactly how the team can help you through these challenges.


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